03 April 2011

Thanatology in April


Speaking personally I ask simply that I be sped
to the county morgue in an old gold convertible
Caddy propped against a guitar—the one
I can’t play. Speaking personally I request
that I be donated to arts, not science. Speaking
I ask to be wheeled to the crematorium in a red wagon
yanked by neighborhood tots who haven’t learned
to fear deadness here. I demand the Marseillaise be
sung immediately upon my demise, my tongue snipped
and buried far back in a spot that is no garden, hardly
in nature, my brown body painted blue, my gray dyed,
nails vamp, hands holding a manifesto. Any manifesto.
Except the futurists'! Crazy bastards! Personally I
ask to be firmly lassoed to the Vermont mountainside
and left for wolves’ delectation. Unless they want cake.
But first (first!) get me to the city hospital to be plumped
fat with air, plugged into heart and lung machines so
I'm back just a minute to call my Katie, tell her what
happened and how they all are, there on the other side,
and who I shared a cigarette with, thinking it over, saying
little, little, less, tired of it, tired but finally able.

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  1. I love this! A wild, wonderful ride!