18 April 2010

17 on the 18th.

The beginning is a popular movie, the one from last year. The color is dinner party. The philosopher is (also) homeless. The title is cumin. The art is orange. The sorrow is a streetlight on the northwest corner. The handwriting is architecture. The rules are corrosive acid. The church is packed. The rules are actually salt. The salt is Irish. The music is sentimental. The middle (also) is sentimental. The sentiment is rage, and no one sits to the left or the right of it. The calendar is gold, but not like the metal. The arc of time is flat and small. The ending is the village, but no one told you. I'm telling you.


  1. yep. uh-huh. love it.

  2. i like both this one and the next one (above it). r