29 April 2010


Greetings from the Girl-King of Crazy

Consider St. Monica, the nag who did not cause
the conversion of Augustine but bickered
for it, lowing always, leaving post-its.

Keep your shirt on! I was a victim
of my unconscious, a lithe boomerang
with a hell of a sharp edge. I couldn't
know what I was grumbling for, rumbling,
purple waiting (misunderstanding that, too)
for the strepitus to snap us all out of it.

And once in a while, you followed along.

1 comment:

  1. oi, I wanted to comment on your previous post...I liked it, anyway.

    I like the boomerang and I really like the strepitus, and I don't got much no smarter things to say now, but, by day 29, I wanna be partying with poets on the first of may. I wonder what that's like...