28 April 2011

Justice Barbie

(27 late)

Justice Barbie!

Like tequila, one sip leads to if
I bump into old Malcolm X in the morning
when I’m supposed to be making a poem for Robin
and Charlie I’m all it’s the ballot or the bullet
for the rest of the day and meaning it, meaning
justice in a way that wouldn’t bother to say the word
though I might look up Chomsky on education
send a snippet to Evan and Eamon but no justice
probably trademarked by some honky designer
of disposable plastic manufactured in China.

There’s no such thing as a nonviolent revolution.

My pal John goes to China to make plastic gewgaws
and has to bring his own food and water.
Says it stinks real bad. Is that a related issue
and should it be explained in a poem.

“Justice Fine Cutlery in Primrose Pink”

If you and I were Americans there’d be no problem
my country ‘tis not of me, though as grandmother
pointed out when I began bringing home
this particular vintage, this is my America since
I can be mad as Malcolm X to which I explained
that’s because we’re crackers, gran, and surely none
of this politics has any place in poetry, maybe old
Tom Jefferson, he takes a seat in real poems
who read architecture books he'd ordered from Boston
so he could let more light and space in a house

oh Truth is great and will prevail if left to herself.

Notions of self-evidence sadly hamstrung
for any gal who sipped postmodernism in the 80s or
even these ironic days when Bruce needs poetry,
or just light and space, at least truth spreading
easy like a lamp, easy like the April rainfall
which cannot help but corrode cars, graveyards, storm
of justice infinite like Greek's chaos and I think
We aren’t Americans yet and damn,
how will I ever make a poem.


  1. This is so delightful. Frank O'hara smiling down on y'all for sure! Love it!