05 April 2013

Just under the 5 April wire: The really great thing is to go bananas

The really great thing is to go bananas

and get put in the attic for one of your transgressions--
a broken nail, say, or murder--and then begin the
tremendous game of pretending you're not
in the attic, even get a whole bunch of people
to strut by, make campy entrances, take sharp
exits, play like they're on the ground, play
you're also on the dirt, everyone on terra
firma, we're all test-touching it, tasting
sweet thick loamy in spring
when it's interrupted by roots
spreading worms digging life
and (hey) you like to write about it even
though you don't know that metal smell,
haven't whiffed it in years (ever?) but perched
(above) you keep on writing about it. Aw, poetry!


  1. I think I know that attic. One question: are the labels considered part of the poem? I like many entries here...definitely will return

  2. Thanks, MIchael. The labels are part of the blog, which is part of the poem--I think.

  3. That's awesome. And fun to read. And OOOO just noticed you are mentioned on the very only NaPo blog. Run, poet, run! xo