01 May 2014

White Lady Worries at The Pierre 30 April 2014

White Lady Worries at The Pierre: 30 April 2014

It could be that I want to show this way how dependent we are 
on existing forms, how unfree our actions and thoughts are and 
that we are continuously resorting to what already exists, or that 
we are in fact obliged to do so, consciously or unconsciously. 
This is not meant as a critique but as a phenomenon.  (Sigmar Polke, 1966)

Oh it’s serious: junk candy they’re eating in La Paz
now that we’ve bought up their quinoa. Other matters
matter like dumbos talking race before cameras  & what
about the occupiers gentrifying Crown Heights with guilt,
speechifying on ensuring neighbors’ security even as they
price them out? What you want to pay for – there’s a subject –
and what it’s worth to, say, the handbag designer who lives
here, in the penthouse, or to a poet you follow on Twitter, or
to another lady who ducks in from the torrent to order a pot
of tea though she couldn’t tell Lapsong Souchong from Assam
if her life depended on it. Where flows this flood of language
that is the substance of our days entire, if not to the place our life
depends upon? I’ll tell you. It bubbles merrily along the gutters of
Fifth, gurgling like tourists who want to believe they’re dressed for it,
ignoring crucial nexuses, streaming past a fishing hole at the light,
scattering impossible directions like shooting stars—yes you
swear you saw one back eight summers ago. No big deal.
It’s always been relativity that’s kept it rolling. What if
what really matters is the way we cheat on taxes, pitch
a fit, scold the ones who bring it to us quickly and
warm. The best gals at the café agree that justice
is a Lapsong Souchong of words, smoky, rich.

Never getting it right is okay. Must be.

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  1. I probably couldn't tell one tea from the other just by tasting it, but I don't pretend I can.
    I know the type of person you're speaking of, though. My mother calls it "putting on airs."
    I'm visiting from the NaPoWriMo list. My team's blog is Poetry of the Netherworld.